CML Centre for Mastery and Life-long learning  

In 2014, CML Centre for Mastery and Life-Long Learning (CML) was formalized with the intent to empower individuals and organizations through the different programs and solutions it offers. With more than 30 years of combined experience in management and consulting specializing in human resources, information technology, marketing, organization development, and strategy implementation, CML focuses on ensuring relevant programs are available for our esteemed clients.

The diversity of practice in CML led to the formation of its affiliated businesses serving the different industries of multinational companies and MSMEs, educational institutions, schools and universities, and varied communities.

CML Transformative Coaching and Consulting Services

CML Transformative Coaching and Consulting finds its niche as a strong and reliable partner to its clients as a transformative coaching and consulting service provider.  Equipped with holistic, integrative, and systemic programs focusing on people, process, platform, and performance, CML Transformative facilitates successful strategy implementation projects that transform business performance and enable sustainable growth. 

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CML Co-Learning, Makerspace, and Innovation Lab

CML Co-learning MakerSpace and Innovation Lab partners with companies for facilitated business growth hacks and with schools as it offers a safe environment for individuals to connect in the spirit of co-creating and innovative learning while nurturing the development of the country with 21st-century skills.

CML Mental Well-being and Psychological Services

CML Mental Wellbeing and Psychological Services provides generative, holistic, integrated, programmatic, and systemic approaches to promote mental health and foster well-being of  individuals, families, communities such schools and parishes, and organizations and facilitate community building for 360 degrees mental health support.  


MindWellTM by CML Well-being and Psychological Services

MindWellTM  fosters well-being through providing access to competent and compassionate mental health professionals so you can live well.   You can now reach out to a mental health professional anytime, anywhere!

You can now reach out to a mental health professional anytime, anywhere!

You can visit any of our clinic locations nationwide or have your mental health consultations and/or sessions online, through a landline number, or mobile number, using our user-friendly platforms that are DPA and HIPAA compliant.  Your consultations and/or sessions are with certified, licensed, and trained mental health professionals who work with supervision, peer conferencing, and post session evaluations so you can be sure to experience quality mental health support you need and deserve!  

Experience  our generative, holistic, integrated, programmatic, and systematic approaches to well-being and let us equip you to recover well, improve your quality of life, and strengthen your resilience - as  an individual, family, or an organisation.